Roughly where are we going?  Where are the ramps and launch sites etc?

Check out the planning map here.  Full charts will be provided at registration.

Why are coaches/charperones required?

Overnight on an island as a guest requires each crew to have an accountable adult with them at all times, this included sleeping in the gym with other teams.   Each coaches/charperones should register as a coach and all meals from Wednesday through Friday night will be sorted for you as well.  Each coach can take up to 12 sailors.

What time does Registration start on Wednesday?

We will be set up at 5pm.  We plan to have the skippers meeting shortly after checking most of the teams in and giving teams the charts and sailing instructions.  You can check in Thursday AM from 7:30 to 8:30 also.

What time do you estimate the skippers meeting and pre-race party will end on Wednesday?

Pretty early!  Take a moment to get registered and pick up your charts!  Then get head off to get some rest and review the charts and weather options.

$175 per sailor is not cheap?  What gives?

This is unlike any other youth event.  The live trackers and data are almost $100 per boat alone.  We house you overnight, throw a private party at a restaurant we reserve, cover all meals for three nights and two days.  These fee’s per sailor actually does not come close to covering all the costs and we thank our sponsors for helping to pick up the rest!

Do the kids need to bring lunches and will there be time for the coaches to pass them out on the water?

All meals are provided.  Let us know if you have any special dietary needs by notice to .  Meals will all be nut free.

Where is the drop off for the gear on Thursday morning? I read the ferry boat, but is that close to the club?

Thursday AM each crew member can drop off ONE bag at the drop spot, it will go right to Fishers Island and be at the club when sailors arrive.

What do I do with my dolly?

Dollies will go into a U-haul after launching and be delivered to Mystic Shipyard.  They will be delivered to the dinghy/beach ramp after the final leg on Friday.  Thursday night boats will be stored at Fishers Island.

How about my trailer?

After unloading your boat and dolly take your trailer over to Mystic Shipyard and leave the trailer.   See the Plan Map for details.

We are trailering a crash boat, is there a place we can store it? 

Yes.  Please, we will have docking for all RIBS in Stonington, Fishers Island, and Mystic – free of charge.

Where on Fishers Island could the crash boat spend the night?

We will have docking at the club for you.

Is there breakfast on Friday?

All meals are provided.   We will host breakfast in the gym!

Do you have a spectator boat?

Yes we do.  Please email to get paired up.

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